newborn photo sessions: why to choose professional

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Nowadays so many photos being taken by so many people, since the very beginning of newborn baby life, you may wonder why you need to spend your time and money to hire a professional photographer. The quite simple answer is that newborn photography is an art form, and assuming this – professional photographers are artists with skill, experience and special vision in their field. While It’s true that anyone can take a phone picture, don’t leave the role of a family history keeper to a grandparent or a sleep-deprived dad.

A photographer’s artistic vision and professional approach could really make the difference between a cute picture and a breathtaking heirloom.

We know that once your baby is born, you will have a lot on your plate, and with our experience with newborn sessions we are certainly sure that the your baby’s photo session will be as stress-free as possible both for you and your little one.

Our expertise provides value you’ll see in every photograph – posing newborns, ecological handmade props and retouching images.

We are proud of a Scandinavian style of our photography – natural colors, pure tones, ecological props and simplicity. Newborns are beautiful and this beauty needs a professional portrait.

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